Donna’s 2022 Endorsements

Representative Schaibley’s re-election has been endorsed in 2022 by the following organizations:

Hoosiers for Quality Education

“Our team is incredibly appreciative of your dedication and commitment to providing all Hoosier families with quality educational options regardless of their family income, zip code or any other circumstance.”   

Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Indiana Business for Responsive Government

“On behalf of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s non-partisan political action program, Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG), I am very pleased to write and extend our organization’s endorsement of your re-election. Through your leadership and voting record in support of a pro-jobs, pro-economy agenda, Indiana has become a national leader on so many issues and measurements of economic and government success. Your strong support for economic and free enterprise issues has really made a difference.”

Indiana Manufacturers Association, Inc. & IMPAC

“The Indiana Manufacturers Association and its political action committee IMPAC are pleased to advise you that by unanimous vote, IMA and IMPAC have endorsed your candidacy for House District 24 in the November 2022 General Election. Indiana is the most manufacturing intensive state in America. The state’s economy is driven by the manufacturing industry and more jobs are produced by our employers than any other industry. More wages are earned by Hoosiers who work in manufacturing than in any other industry. The bottom line is this: policies that help manufacturers help Hoosiers. We have examined the candidates and have determined that you are best suited to advance those policies in your district and across the state.”  

Indiana National Federation of Independent Business Political Action Committee

“The Indiana NFIB Political Action Committee has selected your candidacy for endorsement. We are appreciative of your willingness to advocate for the 11,000+ NFIB members in Indiana. Now more than ever, small business needs strong advocates in the Indiana Legislature, and they have one in you as exemplified by your NFIB key vote score of 100%.”

Indiana Professional Firefighters PAC

“Because of your demonstrated support for the legislative priorities affecting our membership that deliver Fire and Emergency Medical Services across Indiana, we are happy to inform you that the Indiana Professional Firefighters PAC has endorsed you for re-election. On behalf of the Brothers and Sisters of the PFFUI, thank you for your efforts and support for issues that affect firefighters, paramedics and EMT’s. Your commitment in the General Assembly to improving training standards, safety standards, and protecting our retirement and disability funds for firefighters and EMS professionals and their families makes us proud to offer you our support.” 

Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police

Indiana State Police Alliance

 Indy Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee